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So long, good-bye, farewell. It’s all good for the end result! But, there will always be room for the quality.

Social Media speech bubble on white background.

After some considerable thought and hours of thinking about the repercussions of making what some would say is a hasty and almost an unimaginable decision.  The decision was to made to reduce my social network foot-print down to a minor trickle of information.  This applies from everything from messaging services via Ubuntu desktop/laptop to any and almost everything on my Galaxy S 5/Lexus 7/Ipad that includes apps dealing with social, travel and local, games, entertainment, lifestyle, shopping and transportation.

Oh, The Big buh-bye:

Pinterest (Don’t really get it).  Instagram (I take horrible pictures and hate being in them), Vine (not impressed), Path (interesting but full of in-app puchasing), E-bay (junk I don’t need), Netflix (luxury, waste of valuable time) and finally LinkedIn (Don’t really want to know about you, if you want to know me call me, call or e-mail).  Lastly, Foursquare (I don’t get it, don’t really care to want to know it)

The Keepers!  I did keep Twitter.  I do like hearing from the EMS personnel and some local celebrities with tech insights and science views and reviews.  I kept Google +.  I enjoy the tech, linux and science related information as well as keeping up with the ground breaking technologies in development from Canonical and their competitors.  It also seems to speak to my no-nonsense approach to technology and it’s clean professional layout and format.  Also, have a few weather apps, Tapatalk, NPR, USA today, Feedly and a few other related apps along those lines.

Of course, most of my Google services are intact.  Ge Play music, Google Drive, G-mail, Calendar, Maps, Wallet, Chrome and Quickoffice, Google Now.  I’ve  always have had a warm spot for Google.

Also, I like  Songza, Soundcloud, Spotify and my limited use of Skype.   Pandora, eh..  Tune-in Radio, it’s nice once in awhile when I get homesick to listen to my university radio station.

In conclusion, I have e-mail and a phone number.  Call if you really want to talk to me.


Update:  I lost my partner of 17 years shortly after writing this piece. Facebook became a valuable tool finding and notifying old friends, colleagues and  just  those people you always want to make sure you know here you are. FACEBOOK, YOU HAVE BEEN VINDICATED with a service that made a painful time a lot easier to deal with,  For that will always be, Thank you.

Podcasts? no.

Decided not to do any “podcasts”.  I really don’t like my voice recorded, much less the sound of it.  Instead, I will make it “media”.

In the “media” page, music, download goodies and diversions of interest.  All free, all to enjoy.