EMT-b vs. EMT-I vs. me

Much to my dismay, I found out soon after arriving to Georgia that my Emergency Medical Technician Basic certification, which allowed me to work in Texas, and a lot of other states was not adequate enough for Georgia. All the ambulance services that I found in and around the Atlanta area hire only intermediate certified individuals.


Sorry, yes I received your application. We currently have no openings
for EMT. Thank you


Director of Operations
xxxxx EMS
xxx-2×2-5x4x Office
7×0-8×3-0x4x Cell
77x-x43-x1x0 Fax

—–Original Message—–
From: xxxxxx [mailto:f**@xxx.com]
Sent: Monday, June 09, 2008 11:26 AM
To: Dxxg Nxxxxx
Subject: Applied, but no response

Dear xxxg,

About 2 weeks ago (if I recall) I applied online for your EMT position
posted. I wanted to follow-up and see if you all indeed received the
online application. I have not heard anything.



Due to our contracted obligations we can only employee EMT-I level trained EMT’s. Sorry about the mix up.

xxxxx xxxxxxxx
Operations Manager
xxxxxxx Ambulance Service
x70-x93-x4x6 office
7xx-6xx-8xx1 fax
4xx-xx2-9xx1 cell


From: f******@xxxxx.com [mailto:firemaned@xxxx.com]
Sent: Thu 5/8/2008 10:06 AM
To: xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Job Opportunities

Thank you for contacting me. I recently moved from the Dallas area to Atlanta. I am an EMT basic, am I disqualified in applying?

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Ok, I switched gears a bit, to focus on my years of experience with children.

Dear *****:

Thank your for your interest in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Children’s Recruiting Team has received your application for the position of Emergency Department Technician, Scxtxtish xxxx, but unfortunately this particular position has been filled. You may still be considered for current and future openings and we encourage you to continue checking our website and apply for other openings that meet your needs and qualifications.

We thank you for your interest in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and wish you all the best in your career.

Best regards,

Recruitment Team
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

This is my favorite. Remember, I have 15 years of work experience with children and I’m an EMT.

Dear ********

Thank you for applying for the position of Emergency Department Technician− Exxxxx. At Children’s, we
identify candidates based on skills, experience, and work style preferences. Upon reviewing your work
preferences, we have determined there currently is not an ideal match for you at Children’s. We appreciate
your considering employment with Children’s and invite you to apply again in 12 months, as work styles can
change over time.
We thank you for your interest in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and wish you all the best in your career.
Best Regards,
Recruitment Team
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta


I feel frustrated that this set back has to happen. I am coming slowly to the realization that I’ll have to yet take another step back to work in a field I know that I can make a difference in. I have never been so happy in my entire life working in Texas a an EMT-b while trying to get a fire gig.

Now, I am being subjected to the bureaucracy of qualifications, requirements and certifications.

I am going to go ahead and plow ahead again and get my EMT-Intermediate. I was hoping to work as a basic in Georgia before moving on to train as intermediate and then the paramedic level, but it’s not going to happen.

It’s time to work in anything.

Ubuntu 8.04: Hardy Heron Review

8.04 Desktop

It’s official: Ubuntu 8.04 has gone gold. This is one of the most highly anticipated releases of Ubuntu to date, but does it hold up to the hype? We take a look at what’s new, what’s stable, what’s good and what’s not in our latest review.

Ubuntu 8.04 is a LTS release. This means that this release will receive security updates and support for three years for desktop users and five years for server users. Being an LTS, the major focus is clearly stability and building up the strength of existing features.   That doesn’t mean however that it is without its share of new features….


To start, 8.04 ships with GNOME 2.22. This, to the user, may not look entirely new, but the bulk of new features are hidden below the surface. GVFS replaces the old GNOME-VFS system with an entirely new backend, allowing for applications to use any resource, such as SSH or a Samba share, in a uniform manner.GVFS provides a FUSE hook that allows applications that don’t even supportGVFS to use the services provided by it. WhileGNOME-VFS took criticism for being somewhat slow and tedious,GVFS stands to fix that image.GVFS

GNOME 2.22 also introduces other features, such as the Cheese webcam viewer, Metacity compositing, Google Calendar support in Evolution, and a new remote desktop viewer. Personally, I think that the inclusion of Cheese, while nice to GNOME, could have been replaced on the default Ubuntu setup with something else, as a webcam viewer seems a little extraneous.

BraseroA new addition to the default Ubuntu setup is the Brasero disc burning utility, which allows users to make a CD or DVD with very little effort.

Also new is Transmission, a newly popular BitTorrent client. This replaces the old standard BitTorrent utility, allowing for better torrent management with an interface similar to µTorrent.


Introduced in 7.10, PulseAudio provides a sound system for applications to hook into. It allows the volume of individual applications to be controlled, mixed into other sound devices, and with a little work, even played out of Bluetooth headphones. 8.04 improves upon this by enabling the sound server for most, if not all, applications. There are a few gripes here and there, such as minor bugs with Flash audio, but 95% of it works very well.

Firefox 3 is included in the package, even in its beta form. It has apparently been proven to be stable enough to be included, though updates to the final release are likely to follow in June.

Security and Stability

As stated above, 8.04 is focused on improving the ground laid out, and not radically changing things. Security enhancements galore ensure this release will indeed have a long life. One major security feature of GNOME 2.22 and 8.04 is the introduction ofPolicyKit.PolicyKit allows fine-grained access control, and helps you allow or deny users access to specific parts of applications. This allows for a system to be locked down completely except to a group of trusted users.PolicyKit Editor

Another addition in the security field is ufw, or “Uncomplicated Firewall.” The firewall is an extension of iptables, and while it does not currently have a GUI, the command-line interface is dead simple:

ufw deny 80
ufw allow from port 80

Other security additions include more strict memory protection and application rules, along with the addition of SELinux support.

Many applications have gone through the usual slew of bug fixes with any release, and the update to X.Org 7.3 is no different. 7.3 provides support for newer compositing mechanisms, though the implementation is somewhat unfinished. The end result may be a slightly slower Compiz and 3D acceleration for some, but lays yet more groundwork for a more stable display system.


The beta release of 8.04 saw yet another new theme, however the older one was reverted as the default. The theme that almost made the release is still available in Appearance properties, but it didn’t make the final cut for default status. For now, users will be greeted by the tried-and-true Human theme, with 8.10 to have a major theme overhaul.Below is a preview of the proposed default theme for 8.04, still available on the CD:

8.04 Proposed Theme


Ubuntu 8.04 is a great release that definitely lives up to the attention it received. It adds several new features and applications, while improving on a solid security base. It’s not without problems: the speed of some 3D applications may be an issue for some folks, and the use of beta software could be a potential problem, but the good features far outnumber the problems.Hardy Heron, a big release for both the home user and enterprise, is yet another milestone in the Linux cycle. Of course, more Ubuntu releases will come every six months, and we’ll be following the developments of the next version: the Intrepid Ibex. For its time though, 8.04 is a winner.

Alexa rank: A script to get the rank for any site


What is Alexa rank?

Alexa collects statistics about visits by internet users to websites through the Alexa Toolbar. Based on the collected data, Alexa computes site ranking. By examining the Alexa rank of a site, you can get a rough idea of how popular the site is. Many argue that Alexa rank is misleading but it has its uses.

The Alexa rank script

You can find out the Alexa rank for any site by using this page. However, if you want to programatically get the Alexa rank, you can do it using this script.

Get the Alexa rank script

Using the script

After downloading the script, give it execute permission by doing this. You will need to have Python installed.

chmod +x get_alexa_rank.py
$ ./get_alexa_rank.py google.com
popularity rank = 2
reach_rank = 1

$ ./get_alexa_rank.py wikipedia.com
popularity rank = 7
reach_rank = 6

$ ./get_alexa_rank.py www.edziu.me
popularity rank = 557287
reach_rank = 482289

$ ./get_alexa_rank.py www.inexistantsite.com
popularity rank = -1
reach_rank = -1

How does the script work?

If you make a http request for the following url,


after replacing $URL with the url of the site for which you need the Alexa rank, the following XML response is sent out. I tried with “https://www.edziu.me”.

The script parses the XML response and extracts POPULARITY/@TEXT and REACH/@RANK.

We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.