Top 7 Worst Website Names Revealed

What were they thinking?
What were they thinking?


In my endless search of all things odd on the internet.  I extracted this from a prior post titled “Top 7 Worst Websites”.  I’m not sure how old that post is, but I’d like to gather some more to share that are current, and to entertain myself with the “What were they thinking?”.  Look at the list and read it (in the worst case scenario).  Example: 1. Whore Presents, 2. Expert Sex Change.  You get the idea..

Well, I did find some more: – children’s laughter, now redirects to a hyphenated version of the url. <up for sale now> – a pottery teaching company in Korea.  Works. – the website about the newborn diary of Analisa Joy.  Works. – an old Australian ISP Web One. <Times out>


The Royal Tit-Watching (Ornithological) Society Of Britain used the domain:


A holiday rentals company in Spain is called Choose Spain. Hopefully the vacation won’t be a painful experience:


A company selling CAD software and Learning CDs was called ViaGrafix – quite innocent until a blue pill hit the market. The company is now called Learn2.


The small town Winters’ local newspaper is called Winters Express and can be read online at:


If you’re known as Big Al, why not call your online fish supplies store for Big Al’s Online?

and finally, wait for it…


Even if you’re company is called Cumbria Storage Systems don’t even think about calling your website: