Alexa says I’m 10,431,271 globally

Look at me, I'm pop, pop, popular!
Look at me, I’m pop, pop, popular!

I never created this Daybook way back when with the idea that I would be the next internet sensation, or the place to check out in your web browsing every day because it was just the place to go for information/fun/etc.  Edziu’s Daybook is just a collection of random thoughts and ideas, interesting (to me) technology snips and an inner snapshot of feelings/emotions that is my life.  Basically, I write it because it interests, me.  So, I can go back to it any time, read/reflect and dig up any little snippet and give it an evaluation to time or place.  With that said, Alexa says I’m 10,431,271 globally.

So, enter Alexa.  Alexa is the global ranking behemoth that is in most basic terms is where you rank in the world on the internet.  Alexa says I’m 10 million, 431 thousand, 200 and seventy-one ranked globally.  Alright, okay and like I said, it’s just an average journal web-site (I hate the term Blog, sounds like a bowel movement log to me)that serves no purpose in the vastness of the internet with millions of other sites that serve a lot of good information to those on the other end of the scale that serve little valuation in the international database of all things human.  I can dream and wonder how my life would be different if my Daybook was ranked say 10,000 or 5,000 or even top 100.  I’d say to myself, what boring lives you have if you continue to follow mine.