New home, new chapter, new beginning


A long time has passed.  A lot has happened since that last post when I had to pull the plug on the server and retreat.  It’s good to be home.  And yes, Time heals.  I have dreamed of this day when I could plug the server back in, fire it up and look back at the last posts.  Then, it seemed like an overwhelming wash of emotions with every shade of hurt being felt at the core level.  The posts seem almost amusing in reading them again.  They really feel like they were a long time ago but they really are not.  Perhaps, my journey from that point A to my point B, where I am now, makes it feel distant.  I have travelled a long way emotionally and spiritually for the better.  There is life after love.  Love never goes away, it just changes into a new form of it’s self.  I’m okay with that.