Taking care of business?

I realized it’s been a few days since posting to the blog. I haven’t had really much of anything happening. My priorities have been mostly focused on looking for work here in Atlanta.

Since, I cannot get employment as an EMT here in Georgia with a basic certification, and the fact that sorting out my firefighting certification is a whole other ball game, I am looking for part-time work in retail for the most part. Gone are the days, of actually going to a retail store and putting in an application. Now, it’s all Internet. I haven’t heard anything back from the OfficeMax, Boarders and Office Depot mass application campaign but I’m hoping for the best. There are a gazillion of them here in Atlanta, one of them must need a highly over qualified person to make 7 bucks a hour. So, the story goes…

Beck – Chemtrails


I recently obtained Beck’s new CD named “Modern Guilt”. I had heard a preview of the song “Chemtrails” by him and wondered what the story was behind it.

Ahh. Wikipedia. It says:

The Chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that the trails seen behind some aircraft are not ordinary contrails, but are the result of high-altitude spraying of some kind of chemicals for some secret purpose. There are different versions of the theory, which hypothesize different chemical composition and purposes. Lately, chemtrail theorists have suggested that the trails are composed of barium and aluminum oxide, and are an attempt to affect climate by reflecting sunlight in the atmosphere. To this date, there is no physical evidence that suggests “chemtrails” are anything other then persistent airplane contrails.

The term “chemtrail” does not refer to common forms of aerial dumping (e.g. crop dusting, cloud seeding or aerial firefighting). It specifically refers to systematic, high-altitude dumping of unknown substances for undisclosed purposes, resulting in the appearance of alleged unusual contrails.

Economic Stimulus = EMT-I for me

I will be one of the last recipients to receive the economic stimulus check from the government. I was blessed with a SS # with the last two digits in the 90’s. Well, better late than never. My decision for the 600$ you ask? Go back to school and get that needed EMT-Intermediate training.

I guess the bills will have to wait a little longer…