EMT-b vs. EMT-I vs. me

Much to my dismay, I found out soon after arriving to Georgia that my Emergency Medical Technician Basic certification, which allowed me to work in Texas, and a lot of other states was not adequate enough for Georgia. All the ambulance services that I found in and around the Atlanta area hire only intermediate certified individuals.


Sorry, yes I received your application. We currently have no openings
for EMT. Thank you


Director of Operations
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Subject: Applied, but no response

Dear xxxg,

About 2 weeks ago (if I recall) I applied online for your EMT position
posted. I wanted to follow-up and see if you all indeed received the
online application. I have not heard anything.



Due to our contracted obligations we can only employee EMT-I level trained EMT’s. Sorry about the mix up.

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Thank you for contacting me. I recently moved from the Dallas area to Atlanta. I am an EMT basic, am I disqualified in applying?

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Ok, I switched gears a bit, to focus on my years of experience with children.

Dear *****:

Thank your for your interest in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Children’s Recruiting Team has received your application for the position of Emergency Department Technician, Scxtxtish xxxx, but unfortunately this particular position has been filled. You may still be considered for current and future openings and we encourage you to continue checking our website and apply for other openings that meet your needs and qualifications.

We thank you for your interest in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and wish you all the best in your career.

Best regards,

Recruitment Team
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

This is my favorite. Remember, I have 15 years of work experience with children and I’m an EMT.

Dear ********

Thank you for applying for the position of Emergency Department Technician− Exxxxx. At Children’s, we
identify candidates based on skills, experience, and work style preferences. Upon reviewing your work
preferences, we have determined there currently is not an ideal match for you at Children’s. We appreciate
your considering employment with Children’s and invite you to apply again in 12 months, as work styles can
change over time.
We thank you for your interest in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and wish you all the best in your career.
Best Regards,
Recruitment Team
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta


I feel frustrated that this set back has to happen. I am coming slowly to the realization that I’ll have to yet take another step back to work in a field I know that I can make a difference in. I have never been so happy in my entire life working in Texas a an EMT-b while trying to get a fire gig.

Now, I am being subjected to the bureaucracy of qualifications, requirements and certifications.

I am going to go ahead and plow ahead again and get my EMT-Intermediate. I was hoping to work as a basic in Georgia before moving on to train as intermediate and then the paramedic level, but it’s not going to happen.

It’s time to work in anything.